How to Hit a Perfect Fade




How To Hit A Fade  is the only instructional book to teach how to lock-in a fade ball flight alignment during the setup phase of the golf swing.

Once a fade ball flight alignment is locked-in, it then just becomes a matter of centering the clubface directly behind the ball, assuming a comfortable stance and posture to the ball, aligning the shoulders parallel with the directional line, and then executing a balanced golf swing.

Then watch your ball fade perfectly, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and ball.

Although most preferred golf shots are on a straight path in the direction of a specific target – whether struck from a tee box or when approaching a green – there are times one must shape or curve the ball in a different pattern, such as a fade golf shot.

Even Tour Players Must Shape

Golf Shots From Time To Time 

Shaping specific golf shots is so important to the game that a term has been ascribed to define it. It is called “working” the ball.

Although a slice golf shot is not typically preferred unless attempting to curve a ball around some obstruction or shorten the distance of a hole by cutting the ball around a dogleg, a fade golf shot is one that can be used in many situations on a golf course and does not suffer the loss of distance as that of a slice. Too, it is much easier to control.

However, the conventional method of hitting a fade golf shot has the same challenges as that of a slice. If you swing the clubface to much to the inside of the established swing path during the backswing or try to steer it during the downswing, a more severe fade or even a pull or pulled-hook ball flight might result.


This book teaches not just one but fifteen new and different techniques to lock-in a perfect fade ball flight alignment during the setup routine. These techniques are designed to prevent the “double –cross” phenonenom.

Although each is designed, developed and perfected to shape an ideal fade ball flight, some will fly the ball slightly farther within the range of the club selected for the shot. Others will produce a higher trajectory and cause the ball to fly higher than some of the others, while yet others may curve the ball more than their counterparts.

As a result, a variety of fade shots are available for different situations required in a typical round of golf. There is little doubt that some golfers will prefer one of the ten over the other nine. Nonetheless, readers are encouraged to experiment with each one and use a variety as needed for each particular situation.

HOW TO Hit A FADE addresses ten of the most popular ways to lock-in a fade ball flight alignment.

There are numerous benefits associated with the fifteen techniques to produce a perfect fade as instructed in the HOW TO HIT A PERFECT FADE book. Once you learn how to perform these techniques –

  • You will be able to rely on a consistent and controlled fade golf shot anywhere you and, anytime you desire.

  • You will not need to guess how much to align your body to the inside of your directional line during your setup routine.

  • You will not need to guess how to swing your club during your backswing.

  • You will not need to guess how to swing your clubface down your target line during your downswing.

  • You will be able to curve your ball around a dogleg to shorten the distance of the hole.

  • You will be able to curve your ball precisely into a crosswind so it will fly directly to your target.

  • You will be able to save several critical shots in a typical round of golf.

  • You will lower your golf scores and your handicap.

  • You will enjoy the game more than ever.

perfectfadeYes, once you learn how to perform the techniques in the HOW TO HIT A PERFECT FADE book your golf game will improve, dramatically.

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