How to Lock-in a Perfect Golf Swing

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This book, HOW TO LOCK-IN A PERFECT GOLF SWING, will teach you how to do just that:

How to establish and lock-in a straight ball flight during your pre-shot routine, then center your clubface correctly behind your ball, assume a comfortable stance to your ball and align your shoulders squarely parallel with your target line at final address.

Then it just becomes a matter of keeping a steady head and executing a simple golf swing.

You will then experience the perfect golf swing

Yes, your ball will fly as straight-as-an-arrow.

You do have to allow and adjust for wind conditions and elevation differences between your ball and your feet.

However, discounting wind conditions and elevation differentials you can expect your ball to fly on a straight path, time and time again. You will experience the most incredible golf method ever developed.

How To Lock-In A Perfect Golf Swing will remove the insanity associated with golf:  repeating the same golf swing and expecting a different result.

When you are able to stand on the first tee box in your next round of golf, knowing precisely how to perform any one of the techniques featured in this book, understanding how to center the sweet spot of your clubface directly behind your ball, how to align your shoulders squarely parallel with your target line and then how to allow your clubface to swing naturally on its established swing path, your golfing days will never be the same because

Your Ball Will Fly As Straight-As-An-Arrow

Directly To Your Target, One Shot After Another

You will free yourself forever from the golfing insanity: instead of executing the same golf swing and expecting a different result, you can depend on your clubface being delivered squarely to your ball at impact for incredibe golf shots, time after time.

You will be taught ten new and revolutionary techniques to establish, lock-in and produce the straightest, highest and longest golf shots you could ever imagine.

You also will be taught three new and innovative techniques to determine whether you have successively performed the Locked-In
Technique correctly, including:

  • The Shoulders Only Technique™

  • The Arms-Lift Test™

  • The Straight-Up Technique

You also will be taught the Arrow Alignment Technique™, the most reliable way ever discovered to align your shoulders squarely parallel with your target line at the completion of your pre-shot routine.

All of the new and revolutionized techniques featured in this book have been designed, developed and perfected

to transform golf from a

“Game Of Guess” To A “Game Of Success”

perfectswingFor less than the costs of a few buckets of range balls you can have the instructions and photographic illustrations  in this book to hit your ball as straight-as-an-arrow downloaded to you in a matter of seconds.

For less than the costs of green fees and cart for a round of golf you will  be learning the ten techniques to hit a golf ball as straight as a laser beam.

This book is downloadable and can be sent to you instantly.

Within seconds you can be on your way to learning how to hit the straightest, longest and highest golf shots of your life.

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If you place your order within the next 24 hours you will receive a complimentary copy of the PERFECTO  GOLF TECHNIQUE™ SPECIAL REPORT.

This Special Report contains instructions to lock-in and produce a straight ball flight, anytime you want, any where you need.

If you order within the 24 hour deadline this $7.95 Special Report will be downloaded to you  at no additional costs.

The benefits of learning the techniques in the How to Lock-In A Perfect Golf Swingbook are priceless. Once you learn these techniques, here is what you should experience:

  • You no longer will need to remember any “swing thoughts.”

  • You will not “lay your club off” during your backswing

  • You will not come “over the top” on your downswing

  • Your right arm will fold naturally in toward your right side

  • Your knees will remain flexed properly throughout your swing

  • Your clubface path will remain on line during your golf swing

  • Your clubface will return squarely to your ball

  • Your swing path will be parallel with your shoulder line at impact

  • Your ball will fly on a path as straight-as-an-arrow

  • Your follow through will be complete – and perfect

  • Your golf shot will be automatic.

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