Best Golf Lesson: Take More Club Whenever In Doubt

the perfect golf swingThe best golf lesson going is to take more club whenever in doubt.

You have heard it over and over again but we yet have difficulty in applying it: take more club is  the best golf lesson yet.

The main reason we do not comply with this timeless admonition is we truly believe  we can hit the same distance as our best practice shots with each given club. This is not the correct golf method to improve your golf swing.

The best golf swing instructions may be to hit 30 to 40 balls with each club on a practice range, executing a full golf swing. Then instead of relying on the ones you hit the longest as a guide for what you should rely on when playing a course, rely on the shortest ones.

For example, suppose hypothetically that when you practiced with a full wedge, ten of your balls flew about 115 yards, ten flew approximately 105 yard and the remaining ten flew only 100 yards.

Then when playing a course, you should use your wedge for shots no longer than 100 yards and forget about using your wedge for those 115 or even 105 yard shots.

In reality, by swinging your wedge more smoothly for 100 yard shots you shouldn’t be surprised to see your ball fly 110 to 115 yards.

Its not a bad approach to swing all out with a given golf club but swinging more than all out is a recipe for disaster.

In most cases you would still be on the green putting for a birdie instead of trying to hit a full wedge 115 yards, only to fall short of the green and hope for no more than a bogey.

Basically, it means to always take at least one more club than you think you need for a specific shot. It definitely should improve your golf game.

It’s still the best golf lesson anywhere to be found.

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