Hit A Straight Golf Ball: Perform The Jackson Flare Technique™

hit a straight golf ballOne innovative and unique technique to hit a straight golf ball is to perform the Jackson Flare Technique™. If performed correctly, the Jackson Flare Technique™ will enable you to hit a straight golf ball, one golf shot after another.

However, this golf method to produce straight golf shots allows no short cuts. The following instructions must be followed to the letter.

1. Place a ball on a mat or grass in a safe area, such as at a practice facility.

2. Identify the target line on which you want your ball to fly, the imaginary line running from your target back to and through your ball,

3. Assume a comfortable posture and stance to your ball. Ensure your feet are aligned perpendicular to your target line, meaning not to flare either foot to the left or right. Also, align your toe line parallel with your target line. Your toe line is the imaginary line running across your toes.

4. Align your shoulder and target lines parallel with each other. If convenient, ask a friend or your pro to ensure your shoulder and target lines are parallel with each other.

5. Center the sweet spot of your club face as near as possible to the back of your ball: specifically within one-eighth of an inch to the back of your ball. (Do not move the sweet spot of your club face from the back of your ball thereafter during your set up routine.)

6. Then assume an interlocking, overlapping or baseball type of grip and complete your grip by docking (locking) your right-hand lifeline squarely and securely on your left thumb. Do not thereafter unlock your right-hand lifeline from your left thumb.

7. Next, flare (angle) your left foot toward your target until the front left part of your shoe is perpendicular to your target line and parallel to your club face.

8. Then, keep your left heel planted, maintain a steady head and execute a simple golf swing in which there is no intentional or inadvertent manipulation of the club to route the face of your club off its pre-swing alignment and path.

You then should observe your ball flying on a relatively straight path in line with your target and shoulder lines, discounting wind conditions or elevation differentials that could curve an otherwise straight golf shot off course

Assuming there are no such wind conditions or elevation differences to curve your ball off line and you do not hit relatively straight golf shots,  simply repeat the steps above and flare your front left shoe incrementally a fraction of a degree clockwise and counterclockwise from the flared position noted above until you begin hitting your ball straighter.

That is, experiment by flaring the front left part of your shoe slightly to the left or to the right of its flared position in the above instructions until you begin hitting consistent straight shots. Then flare your left foot the same degree in the future when performing the Jackson Flare Technique™

The reason why these golf swing instructions work is the instant you grip a club, your club face will rotate to a slice ball flight alignments.

When you flare your left foot in the manner noted in the instructions you will rotate your club face to a relatively straight ball flight alignment as the last step in the set up proceedings.

The straight ball flight alignment will remain in tact as long as you do not intentionally or inadvetently manipulate your club during your swing to route it off its established alignment and path.

Follow the above instructions precisely and you will be able to hit a straight golf ball.

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  1. Denny says

    The grip and alignment make good sense to me but the flare of the left foot has me confuses as to what part of the toe is perpendicular to the target line. I always learned to flare the left foot to about 45 degrees or a little less.

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