How To Drive Your Ball Straight: Know Your Average Yardage For Each Club

how to drive your golf ball straightIn terms of playing better golf and learning how to drive your golf ball straight it is critical that you practice sufficiently to know the average yardage for each club in your set.

The reason for knowing the average yardage for each club in your set when learning how to drive your golf  ball straight is the tendency of many golfers to believe they can hit their ball the maximum yardage they have experienced with each club during their practice sessions.

The consequence of playing for the maximum distance you have experienced with each club is the likelihood of your ball falling short of your target more often than not.

If you truly want to improve your golf game and lower your golf scores, play for the average yardage for each club instead of the maximum.

Please keep in mind that the average yardage for each club in your set will be different with each change of season.

Typically, the average golfer will be able to hit a club 10 percent farther in the summer months than in the wintertime.

for example, you may be able to hit your sand wedge about 100 yards on the average in the summertime but if you check carefully you probably will find the average yardage for your sand wedge in the winter months will be approximately only 90 yards.

This of course depends on how far you reside from th equator.

For instance, if you reside in Southern Florida you are not likely to see much difference in the average yardage of each club from one season to the next. In Northern Michigan, you most definitely will.

The bottom line is  next time you have any doubt about whether to play for the maximum or average yardage of a club–whether Winter, Spring,s

Summer ot Fall– select the club that will carry the distance to the target on the average. This golf swing tip will help improve your golf and lower your scores.

By doing so, you should experience hitting the ball to your target more often than being short of it. It also should be beneficial in terms of learning how to drive your golf ball straight.

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  1. Denny says

    Knowing the normal distance you carry a golf ball with each iron in your bag is especially helpful. Clearing a trap or hazard is important for you score so knowing what club to use to do the job is necessary. Most golfers do not follow this advice since the vast majority of shots that miss the green are short of the target and like in putting, “a short shot never goes in the hole.” Being able to spin your approach shot and know how far it will fly allows you to shoot aggressively at pins with the confidence that if you are on line, you stand a very good chance of having a short putt for birdie, or at least par.

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