Golf Swing Tips: Weak Golf Grip Equals Open Club Face

golf swing tipsOne of the best golf swing tips is to understand that a weak grip equals an open club face.

Although golf instructors go to great pains in teaching their students how to form a weak  golf grip on a golf club, such golf swing tips do nothing more than to create an open club face alignment.

You can validate this proposition by forming a weak grip on your club—so you can observe only one knuckle on your left hand from your line of vision after assuming such a grip– and then relax your hands without un-gripping your club.

Once your hands are relaxed in such instance you should notice an open alignment of your clubface.

I do not understand why golfing coaches do not provided golf swing instructions to their students to open the clubface and then form a neutral grip on the club if they want their students to assume a weak grip.

Some instructors believe a weak grip will fix a hook.

A weak grip, in and of itself, will not cure a hook.

What may cure a hook is to assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, align your shoulders parallel with your directional line—the line on which you want your ball intially to travel— and then assume a weak grip on your club. Then swing your clubface along the angle of its open clubface instead of along your body/shoulder line during the takeaway.

By doing so, your clubface should rotate to an open alignment and your elbows should rotate to an out-to-in path across your shoulders to establish a slice ball flight alignment at the completion of your backswing.

Then your downswing should deliver an open clubface alignment to your ball on an out-to-in path across your shoulders to produce a slice golf shot. It definitely will not produce straight golf shots.

This may fix a slice but merely swaps one errant golf shot for another; a slice instead of a hook.

Unless you have locked-in a square clubface alignment and an online swing path of your clubface at final address to your ball by using one of the more than 100 Locked-In Golf™ techniques, many of which are featured at, you have little chance of  hitting your golf ball straight.

If not locked-in in such a way, you must manipulate your clubface  in some manner—by either swinging your clubface to the outside or, to the inside, of your body/shoulder line during your golf swing, typically without much success in producing a straight golf shot.

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