How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight: Try The Fingers Only Grip To Hit Straight Golf Shots

best golf methodsOne of the best ways to learn how to hit a golf ball straight is to form the Fingers Only Golf Grip™ on your golf club.

Obviously, there is more to learning how to hit a golf ball straight than merely gripping a golf club squarely but, gripping a club in this manner is the first step in the process.

First of all, it is important to know why the conventional styles of grip do not align the club face squarely. This is significant because you must deliver a square club face to your ball at impact in order to hit straight golf shots.

When you assume either a conventional overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip, your front hand is gripped on the club in a diagonal manner in that the club lies across your fingers and palm diagonally, typically from the crook of your index finger back to the base of your litttle finger, directly under the fatty pad of your palm.

Then when your back hand is gripped on the club with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip your wrists will rotate your club face to an effective open alignment and your elbows (elbow line ) to the inside of your shoulders (shoulder line) to create an out-to-in swing path of your club face.

If you were to execute a non-manipulative golf swing from this position in that you did not re-route your clubface off its established swing path, your down swing would deliver an open clubface to the ball at impact on an out-to-in path across your shoulder line to produce a slice golf shot.

This conventional golf method is no way to improve your golf swing.

Worse perhaps is if you were to move any body part or, set of body parts, after assuming a conventional style of grip, the alignment and swing path of your clubface would rotate to a different ball flight such as a hook, pull, push, pull-hook, push-slice  or even a more pronounced slice, without you ever being able to detect which one.

Although possible, rarely would your club face ever rotate to a square alignment in such an instance in order to hit a straight golf ball.

To make matters even worse, if you then were to re-route your clubface from its pre-swing alignments during your golf swing , you would produce a different ball flight.

This Is Why Golfers Produce Different Ball Flights

Without Ever Understanding Why  How do I hit a golf ball straight

The Locked-In Golf™  Techniques prevent this from happening because each one locks-in a square club face alignment and an on line swing path of the club face during the setup proceedings.

Perhaps the easiest golf method to perform in order to hit the golf ball straight is the Fingers Only Golf Grip™.

Here is how to assemble the Fingers Only Golf Grip™.

First, lay the handle of your club squarely into the creases at the base of the ring and middle fingers of your front hand. This is critical.

The club must lie in a straight line across these creases rather than diagonally. Furthermore, the club handle cannot lie in the palm of the front hand or in the second set of creases of the ring and middle fingers of the front hand.

Then merely wrap the fingers of your front hand around your club handle to complete your front-hand grip.

Next, simply grip your back hand on your club handle with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip. Complete your back hand grip by locking the lifeline of your back hand squarely and snugly on your front-hand thumb.

Once Your Grip Is Completed You Cannot Thereafter

Unlock Your Back-Hand Lifeline From Your Front-Hand Thumb

If you perform this grip correctly you will have a square club face alignment and an on line swing path of your club face.  When assembled correctly this type of grip could dramatically improve your golf game.

At this point, all that remains is to identify your target line, assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, center the sweet spot of your club face as near as possible to the back of your ball, without moving your ball during the process , and then  align your shoulders parallel with your target line to complete your set up proceedings.

Then keep your left heel planted, maintain a steady head and execute a simple golf swing without any intentional or inadvertent manipulation of your club to rotate the club face off its pre-swing alignments.

Then watch your ball fly on a straight path in line with your target, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball.

Many golfers assume their front-hand grip with a fingers only grip.

However, they sometimes fail to place the handle of their club squarely into the creases at the base of the ring and middle fingers of their front hand.

They all too frequently unlock the lifeline of their back hand from their front-hand thumb after completing their grip.

Either will prevent a locked-in square clubface and an online swing path of the club face. This is not the correct way to learn how to hit a golf ball straight.

The correct way is to assemble the Fingers Only Golf Grip™  precisely as instructed above.

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