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They provide the best golf swing instruction ever known because they are so easy and simple to perform.

Each has its own characteristics in terms of trajectory and distance in terms of golf swing instructions. The most significant feature is each will fly as straight-as-an-arrow to a chosen  target.

Each of these golf  techniques  lock -in a square alignment and an online swing path of the clubface during the  setup routin and, in turn, lock in a straight -as-an-arrow ball flight alignment.

Once locked in, it then just becomes a matter of  assuming a comfortable posture and stance to the ball, aligning the shoulders parallel with the target line, centering the face of the club  directly behind the ball, keeping a head steady and executing a simple golf swing.

Then watch your ball fly as

straight-as-an-arrow directly to your target

In order to lock-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of the clubface during the setup proceedings, there typically must be some body movement immediately after a conventional grip is formed on a club or, between the time the left hand and right hand is gripped on a club.

However, in these two techniques, the body movement  is made prior to gripping either hand on the club.

The body movement merely consists of  locking the left elbow against the rib cage prior to forming a conventional grip of the club.

Then it is a matter of either unlocking and relocking the lifeline/thumb connection in a specific manner a certain number of times after completing the grip on the club (in the case of the Astounding Golf Technique) or performing the procedure with both knee joints locked (in the case of the Audacious Golf Technique.)

 The instructions to perform these two techniques

detail each step of the respective procedures

They also provide  tests to confirm whether  a straight ball flight alignment has been locked-in at the completion of the procedures as well  as a unique method to align the shoulders parallel with the target line, an essential reqirement to hit a golf ball on a straight path to a target.

Trouble shooting tips also are provided with each set of instructions.

The instructions for these two techniques are now available to you – for the first time ever – in a two DVD set.

These two techniques can be yours for less than the costs of a dozen premium golf balls or dinner and drinks for you and your “beloved” at your favorite restaurant.

This two DVD set is now available  for only $37.00.

But, there’s more.


Yes, there is more.

If you place your order within the next 24 hours you will receive an additional two DVD set – that can be used as a gift set – of the Astounding and Audacious Golf Techniques TM.

This allows you to keep one set of the two DVDs for yourself and give the other set to a business client, friend, family member or some other special person in your life for such an occasion as a holiday, birthday, Valentine, graduation or Father’s or Mother’s Day gift.

However, you should not delay in taking advantage of this opportunity because this is a limitred time nd price offer. Current supply for the Astounding and Audacious DVD is limited.

Once the current supply of this two DVD set is sold out, they will no longer be available at this price.



If you follow the instructions to perform these  techniques in this two DVD set and are unable to hit the straightest golf shots of your life you may

return them within 30 days and I will refund the amount of your purchase in full with no questions asked.

These dvds contain the best golf swing instruction you will ever receive.

Learn to play the best golf of your life. Begin your journey now by clicking below. It is easy, fast and absolutely secure.

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