Improve Your Golf Swing: How To Hit Your Golf Ball Straight

golf swing tipsHow to improve your golf swing is a question that every golfer asks himself or herself each time he or she picks up a golf club

The best way to lower your golf scores and improve your golf swing is to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment during your pre-swing routine in order to hit your golf ball straight. This is one of the best golf swing tips anywhere to be found.

Once locked-in, it just becomes a matter of assuming a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, centering the sweet spot of your club face as near as possible to the back of your ball, aligning your shoulders parallel with your target line, keeping your left hill planted, your head steady and then executing a balanced golf swing.

After  more than ten years of research and thousands of experiments I have designed, developed and perfected the best golf method on the planet to hit a golf ball straight-as-an-arrow, one golf shot after another.

My techniques to lock-in a square clubface alignment and an online swing path of the clubface during the setup routine requires you to make some body movement either during or immediately after the gripping proceedings.

They then require you to either lock ythe lifeline of your left hand on your right-hand thumb to complete your grip and lock-in a straight ball flight alignment or to unlock and relock this lifeline/thumb connection a specific number of times after completing your grip.

You will find more information on how to lock-in a straight-as-an-arrow ball flight and how to improve your golf swing beyond your imagination by logging on to

You will be glad you did.

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