Play Better Golf:Turn Your Hips To Increase Your Swing Speed

 play better golfThere is an ongoing debate among golf instructors as to what part of the body is the main power source to increase swing speed, hit your golf ball  farther and play better golf.

Jim Flick, one of the 100 top instructors in the world according to Golf Digest and a long time instructor for Jack Nicklaus, maintains the main power source of the golf swing is in your wrists and hands. This seems to be his and Bob Toski’s golf method to increase club speed and play better golf.

Recently, I heard Craig Stadler remark on the Golf Channel  that the main power source of the golf swing is in your legs in order to hit a golf ball straight and long.

Some other experts will maintain the main power source to improve your golf swing and hit your ball longer is more arm action during the swing.

However, I submit the main power source for the golf swing is hip rotation.

Your hands, wrists and legs generate a lot of power in terms of club head speed. However, none of these contribute to swing speed by themselves.

The main power source to generate club head speed during the golf swing is your hip rotation.

Yes, all the others must work in sync with the hip rotation. However, when your increase your hip rotation during your golf swing, all the others will follow.

On the other hand, moving your arms, hands or wrists independently to begin your golf swing is a recipe for mishit golf shots.

Without your hips turning during your backswing to load up power and leverage and during your down swing to deliver your clubface to your ball, at impact, there will be very little movement of your hands, wrists and legs.

So if you want to increase your swing speed, turn your hips as much as possible during your backswing without losing your balance and then turn your hips as fast as possible during your downswing, like Dustin Johnson and all the long hitters on the PGA tour. Then, you too will experience more distance with your clubs than ever before. You definitely will learn to  play better golf.

If you agree that turning your hips faster will increase you club speed and improve your golf game, kindly click “likes.”

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