GOLF CODE™ Video Set

GOLF CODE™ Video Set

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“If you don’t know the GOLF CODE™, you don’t know golf.

The GOLF CODE™ video set consists of seven individual downloads, including the Golf Code Straight video, Golf Code Draw video, Golf Code Fade video, Golf Code Push video, Golf Code Hook video, Golf Code Slice video and the Golf Code Pull video. Each video teaches you how many times and to what extent you must release and redock one or more of the four “locking levers” of the grip to lock-in each respective golf shot alignment.

The four “locking levers” consist of (a) releasing and redocking your right thumb; (b) releasing and redocking your right-hand lifeline; (c) releasing and redocking your unrestricted right-hand fingers and (d) releasing and redocking your unrestricted left-hand fingers from your grip – immediately after gripping your club. 

Too many or too few “releases and redocks” will rotate and lock-in the wrong golf shot alignment, like a slice instead of a draw. The videos also teach you the “Re-Sync” Maneuver which is required when using the GOLF CODE™ Techniques. Each technique has been tested more than 100 times and validated on the Trackman Launch Monitor and the Top Tracer Launch Monitor.